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Multipurpose Double Steel Door

680.00730.00 PLUS VAT

Fully galvanised doors and frame, Over lapping frame, Active leaf Nylon handle, Euro Cylinder key lock sash lock with latch and dead bolt, 2 flush bolt in inactive leaf, 2 or 3 galvanised steel hinges, Reversibe single point lock, Door leaf 38mm, Anti Crow bar bolts intergrated in to hinges

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Deluxe steel door.

Excellent value steel door.

Insulated door core panel detail .

High-end General-purpose doors when galvanise steel is the preferred material.

Garage pedestrian door Shed door, ideal for sheds and storage units.

Latch and dead bolt and could be the best door when value for money is important.

Lever handle and sash lock 3-point locking

Stainless steel handle and hinges .

Pre painted White


Also available in Painted Finish in:

Anthracite grey



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