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Fast Acting / Rapid Doors

C&S fast acting doors are hi speed PVC curtains that are specifically designed for hi quantities of operations per day. They are designed with all the necessary safety devices to ensure conformance with up to date product safety standards. They save energy and create better working environments for our customers premises. They can also used to control access to particular areas. At C&S we have a huge range of fast acting Doors to suit every location. The two most common doors we supply are:
Fast Acting doors use in every of industry:
Self repairing high speed roller doors are speed controlled and automatically adjusted. The main feature of the door is that even after impact the curtain can reinsert itself in the vertical guides reducing downtime and call out / repair costs. It is a perfect solution for Food industries, Cold rooms and Storage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical industries, etc.
Hi Speed Pack Doors or Fold Up Doors are the ideal solution for medium/large sized bays, especially where high wind resistance is a must.
Our custom made fast-acting rolling doors allow you to maximise the working environment efficiently. When dealing with high-frequency traffic, speed is of utmost importance. Our range of fast-acting doors are the ideal energy & time-saving solution and could be designed to suit every application. Our experience design & consultation team will guide you through the entire process and can assist you in all your needs.

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