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Retractable Security Grilles

C&S security grilles provide an effective visual deterrent and physical barrier to protect against theft. These retractable, secure grilles are used for window and door security, and security of other openings, including use in specialised and bespoke security projects. Installed in homes and businesses, they are a popular choice with limited space conditions. These Certified security grille can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs, available as fixed grilles or retractable security grilles.
Equipped with 2-point slam lock and hasp system designed and manufactured to be extremely secure, serving as a visual deterrent as well as a physical one. Unlike the traditional lattice system, the curved lattices offer a sleek and attractive look. These security grilles require limited maintenance, just a recommended dusting with a dry cloth and use of a wet cloth with mild detergent.

Our Products

Domestic Roller Doors

A double skin extruded aluminium roller shutter designed to protect the building from the unwanted attentions of the opportunist burglar.
Recommended for domestic and medium security office / commercial units: windows/pedestrian doorways/patio doors and serveries.
Vertical roller shutter for face / reveal fixing.
Galvanised steel tube, hexagonal or round with wall thickness size is specified to suit the door width and height.
Interlocking extruded aluminium laths, 38mm in depth x 9mm thick, restrained laterally by endlocks riveted to both ends on alternate laths.
Extruded aluminium bottom lath with a quirk at the top to interlock with the lowest lath.
Curtain Options
Solid (double skin)
End Plates
Cast aluminium with dimensions dependant on drop height; 165mm, 180mm & 205mm. Finish in powder paint stock colour white, brown. Additional colours available as extra.
As standard, H30 extruded aluminium guide with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. Guide dimensions are 60 wide x 24mm deep (Guide Type / Size may increase depending on shutter size or means of operation). A high density 5mm pile brush seal is incorporated into the guide for quiet & smooth operation.
Shutter box
Roll formed aluminium in 2 sections to form top & bottom boxes, with the bottom box section removeable for servicing and maintenance.

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